The Farm Animal Welfare Trust supports research and education encouraging better welfare of farm animals, in particular those reared within modern systems of sustainable commercial livestock production.  It was founded in 2003.

It actively seeks funding from relevant charities to pursue its objectives. 
The Trust also welcomes financial support from organisations and individuals, and gratefully accepts legacies from people who share its concern that the commercial exploitation of animals is guided by sufficient information and understanding to ensure their welfare is consistent with the values of an affluent, civilised society.

The kind of research work that FAWT would like to fund would be the search for viable alternatives that, for example:

  1. Remove the need for painful mutilations
  2. Remove the use of cage, crate and other close confinements 
  3. Prevent overcrowding and excessive stocking densities
  4. Allow animals to stay free of disease without routine antibiotic use
  5. Provide environments that properly support the animals’ needs
  6. Cease the use of breeds with inherent welfare problems
  7. Reduce live animal transportation
  8. Create failsafe slaughter systems with regard to animal welfare

The Trust’s education objectives are based on the recognition that most people nowadays are far removed from the farming processes that supply their food.  By disseminating information and fostering visits to farms FAWT believes it can help consumers and the general public understand the production context and provenance of the food products they buy. Providing children of school age with the opportunity to experience a farm environment can link in well with their formal curriculum and give them insights into food production that will be of lifelong value.